Friday, October 06, 2006

Poshtoria Channels McGruff the Crime Dog

There are many similarities between Victoria Beckham and McGruff the Crime Dog. There are also many differences. This will be a fun game to play so let's tackle this one together.

  • First, they totally are both bitches.
  • One eats a bone, the other is all bones (you do the math).
  • Both give a lifeless stare into the camera.

  • Both have the same exact nose.

  • Both appear to have fake chests, one being muppet fur.

  • McGruff's ears resemble Poshtoria's hairstyle.

  • Both lick their balls, one being a soccer

  • While one barks and the other sings, the end result/sound is identical.

  • Both are huge fans of the Inspector Gadget clothing line.

Now that we're all up to speed, let's move on. In closing, Poshtoria is with her new BFF Katie Holmes, who looks like Mama Cass compared to tiny little Poshtoria. My advice Katie? Stay away from the ham sandwich.

Arrff Arrrff!

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