Friday, October 13, 2006

Pricilla Presley is the Carver!

It looks like Pricilla Presley has enough Botox in her to stop a charging elephant straight in its tracks! Look at how life-like she looks. Almost as good as the real Pricilla. So why would I be writing about Pricilla Presley? Well, first off it's nice to read about something a bit different then Paris and Nicole. Second, because Pricilla is unveiling her brand new linen collection! Huh? Yeah, I have no clue either. Apparently she was big into sheets, considering Elvis was typically three sheets to the wind! Oh! Stop me if you heard this one!

As a sidenote, if you remember "The Carver" from last season's Nip/Tuck, Pricilla is totally The Carver. That's right I am always totally dead F'n on!


Lori said...

Wrinkles would look much better than that frozen, plastic look. Ick!

den46 said...

That is too f**ckin funny!!! Best laugh I've had all day.