Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rosario Dawson Gets Little Boys Regular

Rosario Dawson jumped into the barbers chair and said, "I'll have the little boys regular please!" And then they gave it to her. What in the hell is this on her head? It looks like she's trying to cover up a little male pattern baldness. Rosario is just a light breeze away from a combover.

Rosario is at the 10th Anniversary of the Girls Club. Ironic, huh? As a sidenote, what ever happened to the red carpet? That place where they're standing looks freakin' filthy. Is that a lit cigarette on the ground? Well that's good for the kids.


*..Jeru..* said...

shes FUGLY °

bye :)

Debil Dog said...

That haircut makes her head look HUGE!

Lori said...

Dear Rosario,

Do what the rest of us do after a horrible haircut. Wear a hat or get a wig until that shizzle grows out! And try not to smile so draws attention to your head.