Monday, October 23, 2006

Shiloh is the New Blanket

Uh, isn't it like 115 degrees in India? I may not have kids, but I don't think you're supposed to put a wool blanket over a baby when it's that hot outside. Ok I just checked my "Parenting for Dummies" book and it specifically said that you shouldn't do that. Oddly enough it also said that armed guards surrounding you and your baby while in India can do permanent psychological damage to a baby. Odd.

You would think that Angelina would know about how bad the heat is since she literally fainted while filming her new movie, "A Mighty Heart." In fact, it's reported that she fainted 3 times over the past few days and claimed it was the heat. Well, nothing cools you down quite like being wrapped in a nice warm blanket. Somewhere in the world right now Michael Jackson is hi-fiving his kids (oh, and also dressed like a woman).

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mattisfaction said...

i think this is actually a picture of michael, with blanket, dressed as a woman. check your sources.