Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Time is Not Kind

Father Time has not been too kind to the likes of Al Pacino and John Cusack. These two got together for the Millennium Promise charity fundraiser. It is just me or does Al Pacino look like he is made of wax? Sadly, he also has the same hairdo as my late grandmother, although she made sure she covered all of her greys.

In closing, Al Pacino is totally channeling the rat from The Muppet's, who I believe goes by the name "Rizzo." If you remember Rizzo, you will note that he even sounds bit like him.


mla said...

OMG!!! What's with Al Pacino and the seƱora hair? I really, really, really hope he got that tan sunning in the South of France or Miami Beach or somewhere else that is sunny. Because the thought of Michael Corleone in a Mystic Tan booth is just too sad for words.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Rizzo done more with his career? He was great in Muppets take Manhattan. Really nailed the part...made it his own