Tuesday, October 24, 2006

TomKat To Enter Legally Bound Contract

Rigatoni! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will be getting "married" on the weekend of November 18th in Italy. Entering into this legally binding contract, that I believe you are forced to sign when in a 'relationship' with Tom Cruise, will take place between Nov 16th - Nov 19th for "wedding events." Seriously, if I got a secret invitation that just told me to be ready for events between a few days I'd be like F off. Actually who am I kidding? I'd totally book out a full week. Wedding attire will be made by Giorgio Armani. No word yet if Suri will be put in a red wagon and pulled down the aisle. Nah, they'll probably just leave her at home with Tom's other kids.

Who Said That?!!?

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