Monday, October 16, 2006

Tori Spelling Wears a Parachute

Uh, isn't Tori only like 4 days pregnant? Ok, well she's about 3 months, but still. Isn't this outfit a bit dramatic? Why is she dressed like my 4th grade teacher who wasn't even pregnant? According to recent reports, Tori's mother (Candy) is ecstatic about her daughters pregnancy. However she still isn't quite happy enough to give her or her baby any of those billions. Maybe if she was having twins?

Anyway, this photo was shot over the weekend of Tori while she was doing a little shopping on Melrose. Wow. Tori hasn't received this much attention since showing up to her prom shit-faced and Mrs. Teasly caught her!

Who Shot That Parachute!?!

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