Monday, November 06, 2006

Angelina Goes Shopping

When Angelina hears of a good "two-for-one" deal at the local refugee camp nothing and no one can stop her. What can I say, she loves a bargain! Seriously, is it not insane that she can still look that hot at a refugee camp? I mean she's basically in, what I can only imagine is, an underground bunker with a dirt floor and potentially pieces of palm tree for a door and metal forks to be used as brushes (or maybe brushes to be used as forks) and she still looks smokin' hot. And you totally know that when she walks into the refugee camp to do her "good will" all the local women are all, "oh here comes that rich bitch to spread some cheer and buy a few of our kids." Well that's what I assume they would say. Her jeans alone cost more than their entire underground bunker.

Anyway, Angelina was in New Delhi this past weekend to visit a family who had to flee the country after the lady's husband was arrested by the military government. For those of you who don't really know what that's all about in New Delhi just think "Whitney and Bobby." It's practically the same thing. Since Angelina is the goodwill ambassador of the UNHCR (no idea what that is and I don't feel like looking it up) she has stated that "the refugee families are remarkable courageous people." I'm sure what wasn't quoted was after that when she was thinking, "Get me my hand sanitizer and make the cock-eyed one stop looking at me."

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mel said...

hehehe thats funny shit. ill be coming back. best laugh ive had all day!