Friday, November 03, 2006

Anna Nicole: Larry is Does Be Baby Daddy

At least that's how I pictured she'd say it. According to my friends over at TMZ in sealed court documents a random lady (Laura Payne) who spent a ton of time with Anna Nicole claims that she told her in phone calls and IMs that Larry Birkhead is the father of the baby. This lady also threw in there, just for the hell of it, that she witnessed Anna Nicole taking Methadone and a high does of Xanax.

Larry, it looks like maybe you really do be is some of that baby daddy of Anna Nicole. Yeeeeee haw! I always picture her chewing on straw and shooting a gun in the air when she talks. Anyway, I hope this goes on for a little bit longer because I freakin love the lawyer of Larry Birhead. That chick is nuts! She's the one that's always looking into the camera during a press conference with her head twitching and yelling, "Anna Nicole I'm talking directly to you!" Brilliant. Now that lady needs her own reality show. Perhaps she'll end up on Flavor of Love. Here's to wishing!

Who Said That!?!

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