Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Britney, After Divorce, Channels Waldo

Here are the first photo's of Britney after the announcement was made about her upcoming divorce. It looks like she may be sending a secret message to "Where's Waldo." Waldo, if you're out there Britney is looking for a rebound guy and you may be just up her alley....or you will be up her alley if you get this message.
My other thought is that Britney is trying to outwit and hide from the paparazzi and probably figures if it works for Waldo it will work for her as well. Britney, RED STRIPES, RED STRIPES. Such an amateur mistake with the grey stripes. Always remember Red Stripes, you know similar to the beer that KFED would drink when he was fresh out of Natty Lite. Oh how soon they forget.

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anonymouse said...

wait, i still cant find waldo...