Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Britney Spears Files For Divorce

Breaking News: Britney Spears Files for Divorce, Takes Out Trash, Calls it a Day.

According to TMZ, Britney Spears filed legal papers today citing irreconcilable differences and seeks custody of both of her kids.

I'm sure that more details with come from this, but it's just breaking news so what do you want from me? Like I said in an earlier post, first Whitney Houston....and now Britney Spears. This gets me to thinking, Whitney and Britney are totally next in line to star in "Thelma and Louise 2: Eccentric Boogaloo!"

No word yet from KFED, although I do know some IBBB readers who already informed me they are going to his concert tomorrow in Chicago. Since they could be the only 7 people there, perhaps they could ask him how he's doing.

Oh and also of importance, go vote today. Should I have started with that first?


anonymouse said...

AWESOME! now i have a chance! (with kfed, that is)

Lori said...

YESSSSSSSS! Now if Justin would just wise up and dump Cameron, my life would be complete.

Zanna said...

Deval Patrick, baby!

Anonymous said...

Federline in Chicago - WOW! wonder if there is still time for me to get a ticket, think it'll be a sell out? haha

Anonymous said...

does that mean that spears wont be at his concert?

Anonymous said...


While I'm not a political scientist, I fail to understand what Deval Patrick has to do with this...STICK TO THE ISSUE AT HAND