Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christina Aguilera Hates Christmas

So there isn't really a lot to report from the "horrible" Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting Ceremony (I may have just titled that myself), however the one big take-away I have from watching this last night was that Christina Aguilera hates Christmas. Why would I think that? Well has Taylor Hicks (Jay Leno), Sarah McLachlan, Lionel Richie, John Legend, etc sang random Christmas songs, Christina Aguoerjadsadaa decided to take this opportunity to sing her latest song, "Hurt" in front of the live crowd. Um, yeah. Festive.

To top things off, Sasha Cohen ice-skated around while Christina sang. It was like a bad dream. At the end of the song when the crowd cheered (ish) Christina did a "half-clap" and whispered "Sasha!" Yeah, don't let that ice-skating bitch steal your spotlight! Oh also, Christina "yelled" her song. At one point I was looking at the TV and thinking, why the hell are you yelling at me. What the hell did I ever do to you!?! I got very reminiscent of Beyonce's "Ring the Alarm." Long story short, "Hurt" is not a Christmas song. Christina hates Christmas. Christmas is ruined.

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Anonymous said...

Don't hate on Christina. The whole show was a disaster waiting to happen. At times it was scary. Yes, Christina wasted her voice in a song that had nothing to do with Christmas, but my God, Bette Midler looked like a chicken and her voice sounded the same. Maybe she's the next spokeperson for Kentucky. Taylor Hicks went into so many ticks and spasms that I was sure they'd call the paramedics while he slaughtered White Christmas. Enya, ugh. Hall & Oates and Lionel Ritchie need to stay permanently retired. Sting WTF were you thinking? Martina's performance was okay...John Legend and McLachlan saved the night. And lighting the Christmas tree. It still gives me a tingle.