Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Gayle Always Copies Oprah!?

Enough Gayle! Get your own crazy expressions, jeeesh! Things can really get crazy at the "New York Public Library Annual Library Lions Gala." Yup, I don't know what the means. Anyway, all random smart people were there like Oprah, Gayle, and Barbara Walters. Clearly, things can get a little out of hand just by flipping through the pictures. Barbara Walters is totally hitting on Oprah and right in front of Gayle. You know what Barbara? That's just rude. Plus, Gayle can totally kick your ass...and mine.

Smart people do funny things, like ruffee each other, kick their leg up, and get felt up by elderly newscasters. Just another reason I'm glad I'm not be none smart.


Lori said...

Barbara clearly missed Oprah's episode on the importance of a good bra. Gross!

Shawn said...

If I was going to let myself get felt up by a 70-something year old woman - you bet your ass it would be Barbara Walters!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey smart ass...that's what best friends do...ride on the coat tails of the more successful one. This is my blog now baby!