Thursday, November 09, 2006

KFed Chicago Concert-ish

Avid ImBringingBloggingBack reader/disciple, Joanna, from Chicago sent me some photo's from the KFed concert in Chicago last night. She rules! I guess the deal was that most cameras were confiscated at the "concert," but not for Joanna! Somehow (I don't want to know) she hid her camera and took some sneaky pictures. Nice work. You are now an honorary IBBB field reporter. I was informed that in order to make it through this "train wreck" she just kept doing Tequila shots. Good for her! Whatever it takes! A direct quote from Joanna was, "I can't believe I paid $30.00 to see Kevin Federline!" Come on, it was worth it! You're now helping to support him....literally.

As always, if anyone ever snaps some celebrity photos feel free to send them to me and they just might make the blog. Special thanks to Joanna's husband for uploading these photos and sending them to me at the crack of dawn. Now that is dedication!

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Captain Great said...

Watching Kevin Federline perform critically panned music right after his wife very publicly left him sounds like the most entertaining thing I can think of!