Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Michelle Rodriguez: Michelle Rodrigays?

Is Michelle Rodriguez into "the women?" Well, that's the rumor that is floating around the Interweb these days. When Kristianna Loken (star of the Terminator) sat down with The Advocate she basically revealed that she was in a relationship with her "BloodRayne" co-star Michelle. Here's how it went down (pun intended):

Advocate: What about all the stuff that was said about you and Michelle on the shoot?
Kristianna: [Laughs, then takes a deep breath] There is the $64,000 question. Um…I don’t even know how to answer that.

Advocate: It seems like you both had a lot of fun partying.
Kristianna: Uh-huh
Advocate: OK, your silence says volumes. [Both laugh]
Kristianna: Just look upstairs, ok?
Advocate: Ooh, OK. You don’t want me to print that?
Kristianna: You can print it. [Laughs again] The very hot housekeeper. No, just joking.

Yeah, ok so this story doesn't really scream "lesbian" but more of two drunk chicks trying to promote their movie any way they can. I mean, maybe Michelle Rodriguez dabbles in lesbianics? ; Michelle doesn't seem to look to feminine so I say let's base this decision strictly on her looks alone. Is there really any other way to judge someone? Superficial ignorance UNITE!

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