Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Old Making The Band

There was never a better season of "Making the Band" like the one where Diddy tried to make an international hip-hop group "Da Band." If you remember correctly that cast of characters basically sang a little, rapped a little, and spent the rest of the season literally just beating the absolute bag out of each other. There was "Ness," "Dylan," "Chopper," and my absolute favorite "Babs." Babs was the one who had crazy extensions and swore like a drunken truck driver. Perhaps her best line to one of the cast members was "You think you Diddy. Yes you do think you Diddy!" Ah Babs, how I miss ya. Anyway, probably the least of the crazies was Sara Stokes. She couldn't rap and could barely sing, but here she is years later on the set of her music video for her new single, "You." She always said she wanted to be out of the group. Let's see if her new solo career takes off. Is it just me or is she a dead ringer for one of the American Idol finalist, Kimberly Locke?

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