Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ryan Phillippe Wins the Lottery

Dude, this guy is so set for life. If and when he and Reese Witherspoon go through with the divorce he is going to be set for life and he doesn't have to deal with her douche bag attitude anymore AND he may even already be cheating with Abbie Cornish. I may not have been to Vegas in a while, but I'm also positive that "cherry, cherry, cherry" equals jackpot! Some people are saying that he's making a terrible mistake. I say he's brilliant. Imagine having to listen to Reese on her soapbox all day long? It's got to be mind numbing. If I were him the first thing I would do would be immediately stop working. I'd also increase the amount of alcohol I drink and even partake in a little online gambling. With the money he's going to get there really aren't any other reasonable options. Now that Whitney Houston is off the drugs I'm sure that there's a ton of extra coke on the street. He should try a little of that too, but don't spend it all in one place. No word yet who well get custody of the kids....or Resse's chin.


*..Jeru..* said...

Ohhh MY GOD to me this is the sadest BREAK UP EVER!!!! :( :(


Anonymous said...