Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Show Me the Money: Holy Shat!!

Other countries hate America for many reasons such as ignorance, "the war," our fat and happy attitude, etc. Now we have an additional reason: Show Me the Money. "Show Me the Money" is a new game show hosted by William Shatner. This is the final straw for me when finally realizing that America Reality Television has turned into "Sabado Gigante." Many of you should be familiar with "Sabado Gigante." It's basically the "free-for-all" show on the Spanish channel. There's lots of flashing lights, sparkly clothes, and people doing random shit for absolutely no reason at all. Show Me the Money is totally Sabado Gigante. The show premieres tomorrow night on ABC, but I've already seen the preview episode and let me tell you...it ain't pretty. What starts out as a regular trivia game show quickly takes a turn for the worse when William Shatner stops the question asking and informs the women of the show to "dance." So, they dance. He's told them to "salsa" and they do. It literally is like an SNL skit, but it's for real.

Could other countries hate us any more? Now I may say that it's a train-wreck, and it definitely is, and I also say that it is hands down the worst show on television, which means....I of course love it. You nee to watch this show. You actually won't believe it. It's shat-tastic!


Zanna said...

I have to tell you, even though this show sucks and is a total Deal or No Deal rip-off, William Shatner dancing dorkily with the hot chics makes me laaaaugh and laugh. I love it. And I love when everyone is dancing the camera angles whirl around the set at top speed. And I am part of why people hate America. *and I'm proud to be an American..where at least I know I'm free...*

Lady Jane said...

That's a big steaming pile of shat.