Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Take That You Yankee Bastards!

Hmmm, have the Boston Red Sox finally shelled out more money than the Yankees for a player? Well we finally have, so take that you Yankee bastards! The Red Sox have outbid the Yankees, Mets, and others for the rights to negotiate with Japanese superstar pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka. Yes, that's how you spell his name, I checked twice. How much does something like this cost us? Well, only a small $51 million.

If The Sox can sign Matsuzaka, we will potentially have the best pitcher in all of baseball. We now have until December 15th to lock Matsuzaka into a deal. I mean, I wouldn't do it for a penny less than $50 million, but let's see what he'll do. I know many of you aren't too into sports, but hey this is pop culture history AND I have made it my life's goal to do anything I can to stick it to the Yankees. I also have a friend that's into the Mets, so this really is a "two-for-one" deal for me. Ahhh, just another reason why I love the Japanese.

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