Monday, November 20, 2006

Time to Play the Paris Game!

It seems like ages since we were able to play with Paris herself, but you're right it's time to play, "Is That Paris Hilton Ass, Boob, or Stanky Putanky!" I even wrote a jingle for it, but since you can't hear me you'll have to make up your own beat.

"If your day in work is boring or you are a little cranky,
ImBringingBloggingBack can get you outta that funk,
Cuz it's time to play, "Is that Paris Hilton Ass, Boob, or Stanky Putanky"

And Scene. Fade to black.

If you guessed, "ass" I'm sorry that would be incorrect. If you guessed "boob" ding ding ding you would have won. If you had put down "drunken boob" you would have guessed the secret answer and won bonus points, along with a year supply of random products by "Goya."

Paris and Starvros looked drunk as hell as they were recently coming back from a night out and stopped at a drive-thru, but not before Paris popped and her shirt fell down. I'm assuming it's because she is forced the buy cheap clothes and is on a fixed income. I tell ya, underage kids in India certainly can't sow like they use to. If it was up to me, I'd knock their hourly wage down to 12 cents an hour and see if they get the message.

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