Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tyra Banks: A New Level of Crazy

Just when you think that Tyra Banks can't get any crazier she crashes through her typical level of crazy and finds a whole new level of crazy. Bottom line, she's nuts. Well, she has nuts...sort of. Tyra decided to dress up like a man for her talk show and go undercover so she could figure out how guys act when women are not around. She even raps with Chingy at one point. I'm not sure if she was trying to look more like Kanye West or the butler from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. It's a toss up, really. I feel that IBBB is neck and neck with Tyra in regards to award winning journalism. Now I may not be a producer, but couldn't she have gotten the same effect by not dressing up as a man and just using hidden cameras? Oh well the damage is done. I can never look at Tyra the same again.


Aunt Becky said...

Neck and neck with Tyra?'re head and shoulders above her. You've not yet had an expert come feel you up to verify that you're sporting 100% genuine, God-given boobies. You win!

Ms. Kak said...

Oh, WOW. Thank you, I needed that laugh to get me through the night lol And I definitely agree -- a mix between Jeffrey the buttler and Kanye West. As creepy as it is.