Friday, December 15, 2006

Britney's Ghost Boobs Go XMAS Shopping

Here comes ghost boobs, here comes ghost boobs right down trailer park lane.....

Britney is on the hunt for some Christmas gifts in Beverly Hills (that's only where I shop too), but it looks like Santa Claus already brought Britney one gift already....a bra! Who knew Santa's elves made bras in the North Pole!? Maybe she should ask for a little tummy tuck this year too. Yeah, that's right I went there. I don't care that she just had a kid. I don't think it's baby fat either. I think it's martini fat from all the partying she's been doing. Actually, I shouldn't be talking crap about Britney because I don't want Mary J Blige to kick my ass. Here's what Mary J had to say about Britney's wild ways, and by "wild" I really mean "whorish."

"I know that at some point in our lives we've had a situation like Britney's, meaning that we all were with someone we thought loved us and actually didnt. We make mistakes. I am looking at Britney as a human being just like myself. I messed up big time in my life. I love Britney and I send out all of my prayers and all great energy to her because she's young and she is going through it. She is going to get through. She is going to come out on the other side real nice I think."

Well said Mary J. Way to may it all about you!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Britters can do whatever dumbass thing she wants. She rich, rich, rich. She doesn't need brains or panties. I love this blog, btw.