Friday, December 01, 2006

Eva Longoria to Marry, Then Divorce

Thanks to "ultra alert" IBBB reader, Maria, I can now report that Eva Longoria is engaged to Tony Parker. Hey that sounds like a GREAT idea! Didn't they just break up a little while back? Yeah, nothing says "'til the end of time" quite like a breakup right before an engagement. Ok, so maybe I'm a little pissed off that Eva will be off the market soon. I thought I had a chance. I hear that famous hot chicks like nothing more than a dude that blogs. HOT!

Anyway, Eva and Tony will be married next summer in stinky France, which probably means that get married next winter in Secaucus, New Jersey. According to Multiple Persons Magazine, "The couple has never been happier," and Tony flew into LA after one of his games and surprised her after work and popped the question.

Ok so now that that's on, let's really say what we're all thinking. The wedding will never take place. Ever. Never. Not going to happen. Ever. Never. Not Ever. I'm going to keep thinking like this until I can pop the question to Eva via ImBringingBloggingBack. I bet she must read this crap.

Thanks for sending in the story, Maria, you crazy little minx! I would have posted this yesterday, but I have to hold down a full time job...then I got tired. We can't all be Perez Hilton (thank God) and do this all the live long day.

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