Thursday, December 14, 2006

Matsazuka & Red Sox is Real Love

Yeah that's right, baby! The Red Sox have finally stepped up their game and went the "Yankees" route of spending every last dime for a player. Spread the word, my friends, spread the word. We have struck up a deal (or dilio as they say on the street) with Daisuke Matsazuka. Yeah, I don' care that I can't pronounce the name, but you know what...the fact that we have potentially the best pitcher in baseball makes the possibility of a 6-year $60 million deal worth it. Now why don't you cry about it Pedro. The Mets wouldn't come up with the cash money to even talk to Matsazuka (yeah that's right VP I'm calling you out) and the "Yankees" couldn't pull through either. They still had the brilliant idea of "A-Rod" that really seems to be paying off. I think A-Rod got them like 3 World Series since he joined. Oh wait, they haven't won since? Oh ok.

Again, while I can barely pronounce his name on the first try I am dedicating my life to learning Japanese. Oh Matsazuka, we love you long time. By the way, I am already anticipating the lengthy hate-mail I'll get from the "Yankee's" fans out there as I typically get an earful about my hatred for them and A-Fraud. Definitely send me the hate-mail, but feel free to share your opinions at the BEST NEW SPORTS BLOG OUT THERE at ThatGuySportsBlog

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