Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Nicole and Paris Still Copy Each Other

Uh-oh! Nicole Richie was busted for suspicion of DUI yesterday morning. Allegedly Nicole was spotted going the wrong way on the freeway. Wait, is that not ok to do? And I thought that having some drinks and driving really slow (hitting the brake multiple times) was a dead giveaway, but clearly driving on the wrong side of the freeway will totally trump anything that I've ever done.

What's even better was that Nicole admitted to smoking pot and having some Vicodin, or as I like to call it, "Breakfast of Champions." Or, even better than that Nicole weighed in at 85 pounds. I think at 85 pounds you're still in toddlers clothes, no? 85 pounds, Christ! How much did she weigh before she went to rehab?

What's great is that I quickly checked out her myspace page and all these people left her comments saying it was ok and they hope she is ok. Yeah, taking drugs and driving is ok. Smarten up, dumbasses.

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