Friday, December 15, 2006

Tom Brady is Single: Get in There Janine

Lots of random news for Boston sports lately. First, the great news about Matasuka and now this: Tom Brady splits with Bridget Moynahan. This is a special blog post for my friend Janine. Janine, now is your chance. Run your ass right up to Gillete Stadium and go make your mark. Really whore it up nice and you could be the next Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Janine Brady.

Moving on, according to US Weekly both Brady and Moynahan decided to end their three year relationship to focus more on their professional lives. Uh yeah, whatever it takes to get the Patriots to win at this point sounds like a good plan to me. The last few games hurt to watch.
Ok Janine, what the hell are you waiting for? Attack!


Anonymous said...

Janine will have to get through me before she can get to Tom!

Honey said...

I guess me and her will have to duke it out for him. It'll be Janeen vs. Janine.


Janine said...

Listen ladies ...This is the Janine that Pasquale wrote about... back off bitches!!! I have 1st dibs on Mr. Brady. I made this headline, not you girls!!

Anonymous said...

You sass them Janine! I would watch out ladies!
Janine's understudy aka Michele :)