Thursday, December 07, 2006

Uncle IBBB!

Ok, so my secret mission did come to an end. I got off the plane, drove home, was home for about an hour and was ready to catch up on my award winning blogging when I got the call that my sister was in labor. Yes, yours truly at IBBB is now the proud uncle of a beautiful niece. Yes, I am a first time uncle and my sister and brother-in-law are first time parents. Hopefully my sister will follow in the footsteps of Britney Spears and be out partying in no time. Perhaps even more importantly, my niece was born on Harriet Carter Wednesday! It's like she knew!?!

Anyway, due to this great news I, unfortunately, will be out of commission today, but hope to be back in action tomorrow or Monday at the absolute latest. Thanks to all of you for your concerning emails when I did not show up on the blog yesterday. As a wise Martha Stewart once said, "I'll be back, I will be back."

In the meantime, check out these other blogs to get your daily fix until I return.

Uncle IBBB

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Awwww, you'll make a cool uncle.