Monday, December 04, 2006

Will Anyone Host the Billboard Awards?

First it was supposed to be Britney and Paris hosting the Billboard Music Awards. Then Britney backed out. Now Paris has backed out of the hosting duties as she believes that some of the jokes would be hurtful to her peers.

According to People Magazine Paris did not want to say anything that could be hurtful of embarrassing about people she knows. When the script was sent to her on Friday, the jokes were "questionable."

I'm not sure what's the bigger story for me; that Paris is turning down a job or that she can read? I'm going to go with the fact that she can allegedly read. At the same time I can't really picture her standing there telling jokes or hosting anything, really. Well, maybe she could host an orgy at a whore house. Yeah, that she could totally do. No word yet who will be hosting the awards, but I'm sure whoever it is will feel very special that they were the last the last minute. I could totally do it. So, if you need someone last minute....

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