Friday, January 05, 2007

Britney is Back; As Kathy Griffin?

Holy Kathy Griffin lookalike Batman! So after Britney hit the deck at club Pure on New Years Eve she was nowhere to be found, but then the folks over at X17 found her last night leaving dinner and then heading right over to Les Deux, which is French for "Drunken Mother Whom Abandons Her Children." Yes, I speak French. According to those paparazzi, Britney was out until 2:30 AM. Good for her. I say more partying and less kids. I mean, that's the motto at the abortion clinic, right?

In other Britney Spears train-wreck news, her manager Larry Rudolph has told USA Today that Britney is currently in a "rocky moment." Wait, by "rocky" does he mean she is as busted up as Sylvester Stallone in Rocky 6? Clearly, she looks that way in the above photos. Rudolph continued on by saying, "Britney knows exactly what she needs to do. "

Who Said That!?!

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cruelovin said...

Damn that bitch looks like SHIT.