Monday, January 22, 2007

Lindsay Hearts AA and LA

Lindsay took a little time off from her treatment at rehab facility, "Wonderland" to become one with the common folk at an AA meeting that was hosted by the West Hollywood Lions Club. Besides just seeking treatment I'm sure she is there for the kick-ass coffee cake (free swag) they serve at the end of the, I mean I heard they serve at the end of the meeting. See, I have this friend...
You know, what really sucks about this is that Lindsay is single, right? So if you were just waiting in line to get into your AA meeting and she was just standing in front of you that would definitely be your chance to hit on her. I would be be all like, "hey Lindsay (extra points for saying 'no pants') you wanna get outta here and go grab a drink?" And then, BAM, off the wagon and hijinks ensue.
Finally, the part that really sucks is that there are photographers all over the place. Doesn't "AA" stand for Alcoholics Anonymous? ANONYMOUS? Those poor people whose pictures are now online of them in line for an AA meeting. Oh well, que sera sera.

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dina lohan said...

LOL I love the "they go to AA just like us" that you did at the end of the picture just like they do in US Weekly! Genius.