Monday, January 29, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Pauses from Hectic Rehab

Sometimes when rehab gets a little to intense you should be allowed to leave your facility to go shopping. Hell, go grab a drink while you're at it! I mean, it makes perfect sense. Lindsay took a pause from attending rehab to "shop it out bitch" with her mom, Dina, (my favorite) at mega expensive Dior over the weekend. Is it bad if I say that Lindsay actually looks good? Would you stop reading if I did? Anyway, I guess her buddies at her rehab are getting pissed at her because she's, allegedly, getting special treatment. Insiders are saying that she has her own personal masseur come in regularly, a hairstylist, and a makeup artist. Is that special treatment? Now, if she has her own bartender there then I guess that would be special treatment. Lindsay's rep has been quoted as saying:
"Lindsay is 100 per cent not getting special treatment. She's getting the same as everyone else. This isn't the Betty Ford Clinic, it's not a lockdown facility. There is personal time. All these naysayers who keep blogging and speaking out... they don't know what she's going through, they're not there. They shouldn't speak until they've gone through something like that."
Ok, first off, for all of you right now who are at Betty Ford - congratulations, you're in a lockdown facility. Second, you're right, publicist lady, I am one of those bloggers who is speaking out and I shouldn't speak until I've gone though something like that. I'd LOVE to go through something like that. That rehab facility sounds amazing! I've seen pictures of it too. It looks awesome! It's far better than any house/condo I could afford!

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Anonymous said...

why is dina so cocky? everybody knows her daughter has bought her everything she has. really, picture her life if lindsay wasn't famous...hmmmm