Tuesday, January 30, 2007

MTV The Hills Recap and More and Less

Uh-oh it's Heidi's birthday and you know that nothing good is coming out of that. I really enjoyed how they keep saying it's Heidi's birthday, but they won't say how old she is. Now don't get me wrong, I was drinking waaay before I was 21, but it's neato to see how they won't say her age. I'm making a citizens arrest if I ever see her in public.
So, confusing moment # 6 of the season so far for me is when Lauren and Brody where on a little lunch date. After they talked about Brody dating Kristen (Laguna Beach) and Nicole Richie, Lauren told him that he needed to be single for a while and not jump girl to girl. Wait a minute, aren't they on a date? Good move, dumbass.
Later, Audrina (Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell) shows up at Heidi's b-day party....da-da-duuuun. A bitch-fight starts up, thanks to their random friend Jenn, and Audrina goes home in tears. Wait, was this an unscripted moment? I have to think "yes" because I don't think that Audrina is good enough to cry on cue.
In my favorite, "you stole this concept from Laguna Beach" moment, Lauren and the girl she works with (whose name I blank on every week) meet up with Audrina at a restaurant to "talk." Oh, and they bring their own coffee to the restaurant. Who does that?!? If I was the waiter I'd make them spill out their drinks that they got from "the outside world" and order from the menu. To me, that's like bringing your own beers to a bar (which I have done once before, but I got kicked out....see?). In the most awkward lunch conversation ever Audrina finally realized that she and Heidi grew apart, but not before "that other girl that Lauren works with whose name I blank on every week" threw in some random commentary/advice that made no sense and convinced me she was high. For all of these reasons, this is why this "lunch scene" is my 5th favorite scripted moment of The Hills Season II (yes, I'm keeping track).
The episode ends with the 90210 gang...oops wrong show...The Hills gang at a random LA club where Lauren goes back to Brody's condo in Hollywood and they share a kiss as they overlook a 1970's lit up store sign. Romantic.
For me, "The Hills Question of the Week" is: "Where in the hell was Lisa Loveless in this episode and do you think she sleeps hanging upside down?"


Anonymous said...

the part with whitney, lauren, and audrina at lunch is sooo annoying cuz why doesnt audrina bust out that "spence" is the one doing the bullcrap and that SHE keeeps hanging up on HIM?!?!

Anonymous said...

ummm wait, i thought tiffany amber thiessen played Kelly Kapowski from saved by the bell...

check your facts.

Anonymous said...

"Where in the hell was Lisa Loveless in this episode and do you think she sleeps hanging upside down?"