Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Oh That Jessica Alba is So Witty!

Oh that Jessica Alba is so witty! She pulled a funny little prank on the paparazzi. Are you ready for what she did? Well, when she saw the paparazzi taking pictures of her, she then took her camera and took pictures of them. I know, CRAZY! Sadly, you can't hear that sarcasm in my voice right now.

This is actually my new celebrity pet peeve. I saw Teri Hatcher and her daughter pull this same "stunt" last week. They did the good old "take a picture of the paparazzi" while at the ATM. That'll show 'em ladies! Yeah, that may be all cutesy on The Brady Bunch, but fast-forward 30 years and you kinda look like a retard. Oh, and it's not funny either. Well, at least you look good. I'll give you that. Oh yeah, I'll give that to ya.
In actual Jessica Alba news it is reported that she may be engaged to boyfriend Cash Warren. Jessica had a ring on her wedding finger while she rang in the new year with Cash. Jessica's publicists have neither confirmed nor denied this rumor. She may look good, but if she is engaged she is now dead to me. Dead.

Who Shot That Tricky Minx?!?! and Who Said That!?!

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