Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Olsen Sluts Dress Like the Elderly

Remember that one episode of Full House when little Michelle Tanner put on her grandmothers shoes, pearls, and hat? Yeah, well it wasn't cute then and it isn't cute now. I am officially going on the record saying that I don't find the Olsen Sluts attractive at all. Ok, well that's a stretch. The one on the right is ok. I'd totally play a quick game of strip flip-cup with her, but she has to leave the cock-eyed one at home.

The Olsen Sluts dressed like my drunken great-grandmother who put on all of her clothes as she tried to escape the Titanic. Aren't they like 19? Why do they dress like it's "Seniors Night Under the Sea" at the local nursing home? Both Olsen's were partying it up at the InStyle Golden Globes After Party and one of them even shows her teeth as the cameras flash. Why do they always look pissed and frail? Doesn't money make you happy? I'm going to keep thinking it does until I get large sums of it and then can change my mind.

I give this this Olsen Slut look 2 "DJ Tanner's Down."

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