Monday, January 08, 2007

Sad News: Jewel Gives Up On Acting/Teeth

Did you know Jewel was still around? I saw her the other day on a commercial for Nashville Idol or something like that and thought, "Now what in the hell is Jewel up to?" Well, I discovered that Jewel was a quitter...of acting at least.

Jewel may have dabbled a bit in acting (Ride With the Devil and Men in Trees), but decided that acting won't be something that she continues to pursue because she is lazy and likes to stay at home. No really, that's it. She has been quoted as saying, "A lot of my heroes did their best work and their best writing in their 40s and 50s, but most of them died really estranged from their families and alone. I'm not totally sure I've got another shot at acting in me, so I kind of just decided I'd rather be home on my days off than go and audition for a movie."

That's awesome Jewel. Nothing quite says "spoiled brat" like that. Do you know how many struggling actors and actresses would kill to be in your position? As a side note, perhaps on her "down time" at home she can work on getting her teeth fixed. I've seen them work wonders on shows like "Extreme Makeover" and "The Swan." Perhaps 12 porcelain DiVinci veneers will do the trick? I'm sick of seeing that one crazy-ass tooth darting out of her mouth. You have money, act like it. We know, we know, you lived in a truck for like 2 years and wrote music. But, guess what? That music you wrote made you tons of money so there is no need to "chew on rocks" anymore. Salads will be fine.
As a side note, the photos above were taken the other night at the premiere of "Arthur and the Invisibles" in which Jewel is featured on the soundtrack...probably yodeling.


Moogaboo said...

Actually, Jewel is freeing up opportunities for unknown actors by dropping out of the biz. How nice.

Emily Kendy said...

Why are you so down on her being domestic? I'm sure lots of guys would kill to have a woman say she wasn't all that interested in a career...