Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tyra's Before and After is the Same, No?

I love Tyra, but let's face it, no one loves Tyra more than Tyra. After some unflattering pictures appeared of Tyra in a brown one-piece (aka: grandma's) bathing suit Tyra did what she does best. She made her show all about her favorite topic, "Tyra." As you can see from this short clip on YouTube (that actually was provide by Tyra...go figure) she basically looks the same as the picture in the background, but perhaps with more of a hint of the cameltoe. It's not too obvious, but I definitely say that Tyra is a "cameltoe in waiting." My favorite part of this clip is Tyra making the sounds of the paparazzi cameras going "click click click click click." Um, they don't make those noises, Tyra. They make more of a noise that sounds like, "chook, choock, choock, choock, choock." Jeeze, Tyra is such an amateur at camera noises.
In the second clip, brought to you by Tyra, Tyra reads quotes from what people have said about her. She is so brave. I won't lie, I was hoping deep down that one of my quotes made the cut, but they didn't. Oh well, back to the drawing board :(

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