Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Where's My Dinner, Bitch!?

Here's a new little segment I'm going to call, "Here's Some of the Crap That's Going On in My Head." I've gotten a ton of emails over the past few months from people that think that my sense of humor is "on point", original, creative, strange, twisted, horrible, immature, bad, satanic, etc. Clearly, every end of the spectrum is covered. So, I figured I'd share with you a little of what goes on in my life. So for me this video is hysterical, but only because I have a friend with whom (who? whom?) I've played this game with. I'm calling this friend, "Janine," but only because that's her real name. Me and Janine, I'm sorry...Janine and I have been friends for years and we like to play "puppets" with each other which consists of making each other do things in public that are completely ridiculous. This usually takes place at a bar and after several drinks. We've played puppets many times which consisted of, "where's my dinner bitch" as I get a slap across my face and we also play the "1,000 Feet! Restraining Order Game" in which Janine screams at me that I need to stay 1,000 feet from her due to a restraining order and then we wait to see how long it takes for someone to step in and make me leave. Oh the fun we have. Up until this point (knock wood) neither of us has ended up in jail from playing puppets, but it's good to have goals.
So, as you can see we are both years ahead of this SNL clip. Damn it why am I always one step behind!?! I hope you got to enjoy this little glimpse into my less than sane world. I strongly encourage you to play "Puppets" with your friends when you go out. Just be sure to give me credit. Thanks. Good day.

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shazsnod said...

i totally thought that was jessica simpson. hahaha