Friday, February 16, 2007

Airbrushed or Not, Jessica is Back

Yeah, so I don't really care that there isn't any Jessica Simpson news going on right now. I mean, I could make some up, but why bother? The point is, is that Jessica is on the cover of the latest Elle Magazine and even on a few pages on the inside too. I'm glad I finally get to say again that she looks HOT. It's been way to long since anyone was really able to say that. Now, I don't care that someone probably airbrushed the piss out of all the pictures. I just care that she looks hot again. I hate to admit this, but I will say in these photos she is hotter than Ashlee. I know, I know, I change my mind so often. I'm hoping to be able to invent something in which I can actually airbrush a live person. Basically, I just want to go up to someone who isn't so hot, airbrush them, and make her look like Jessica Simpson. Now don't anyone try to invent this before me. I've just patented it. Good luck.

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