Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Anna Nicole Watch: The Grandmother

That's right, I'm back! I saved some whales, sponsored Britney, opened a school for girls in a third world country, but am now back. Of course I leave on the day when the Anna Nicole news broke and as each day passed and the story got crazier I couldn't believe I didn't have my laptop. Oh well, that's whales for ya. So by now there is no reason to discuss the Anna Nicole death, but the cast of characters that are entering this story as each day passes...well the story basically writes itself.

So the latest in the twisted story is that Anna Nicole's mother, Virgie Arthur (seriously, what?), is saying that Howard K Stern is definitely not the baby's father. Hasn't she been estranged from Anna for years? How would she know if Howard was the father? Virgie (again, what?) has been "vacationing" in the Bahamas for the past few days and by "vacationing" I actually mean "crazy stalking the island until she can get a glimpse of little Danniellynn" and is petitioning for her to go to Larry Birkhead, whom she thinks is the real baby-daddy. Virgie is also saying that she doesn't want custody of the baby and she doesn't want any of the inheritance. Sure. Please, there is so much money on the line that I may toss my hat in the ring saying that I may be the baby's father. Stay tuned for more white-trash family fighting from life to the afterlife.

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