Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Billionaire Olsen Can't Afford Clothes

Mary-Kate-Michelle-Olsen-Tanner was out shopping in Beverly Hills in her Muppet-fur coat and white/grey fright wig. She made sure to wear her best pants (?), you know, the ones with the holes in them. Sexy. I don't want to say too much, but notice how the holes are right around the knee area? Michelle Tanner has been "busy" if ya know what I mean, and I think ya do. How is it that you can be a billionaire, yet still wear clothes that have unintentional holes in them? I mean, I'm only a millionaire and even I toss out a shirt when it gets its 5th hole in the elbow.

This brings me to the Olsen question of the day: What Would DJ Tanner Do? So, what would DJ do in this situation? I think she would be too afraid to tell Danny that she ripped her pants and would end up shoplifting another pair of pants at the mall. Later she would feel guilty about it and try to return them with the help of Kimmy Gibbler, but would get caught ditching school and the principal would find the stolen pants. What? Is that just me?

Olsen Wears What?

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