Thursday, February 22, 2007

Brit Back in Rehab Again, Again, Again

She's once, twice, three times a lady in rehab. TMZ has just reported that Britney Spears had checked herself in to rehab for the 3rd time. My theory is that she has one of the "coffee punch cards" where each time you go they stamp your card and after 10 rehab visits you get your 11th for free. This could just be a stunt though as the child custody hearing scheduled by KFed today now had to be canceled due to Britney going back to rehab. My guess is that she'll be checked out by 4:42 PM EST. Who's with me. I hate to say it again, but the main problem is that she needs to go to Wonderland rehab. Wonderland. It worked "wonders" for Lindsay. I mean, look at her now! Lindsay only goes to the clubs 4 nights a week as opposed to 6. She's cured!

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