Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Britney Stole My Nana's Lipstick

Yeah I said "Britney" but I didn't mean Britney Spears. There's more than one "Britney" out there. Man, she isn't Jesus - you know, with just one name. Never mind, His last name is "Christ." Anyway, I am putting Britney Murphy under investigation for possible stealing my Nana's zinc pink lipstick. My Nana thought she just lost it a few days ago and then look what happens...it ends up right on Britney Murphy's lips. Britney was at the Vanity Fair Oscar party just the other night showing off her lips or as I like to call it, "bragging about how she mugged my Nana."

Now, I'm still waiting to complete my investigation before I charge Britney with "theft." There is a chance that my Nana just gave Britney a kiss and all her lipstick just smeared onto her. I haven't seen my Nana in a little while, so she could've been at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, you never know. However if I ever run into Britney at a Bingo Hall and I hear her yelling out "B-5?, B-5?" I'm going to know that she is stalking my Nana.

As a side note, Britney is hot. She definitely kinda has that "I'm a hot version of Tori Spelling with less buggy eyes" kind of look. Is that just me? Anybody? Anybody?

Who Stole My Nana's Crap!?!

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Anonymous said...

her lips look like paris hilton's vagina. i just threw up a little bit in my mouth.