Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Britney Thinks She's Fatty Fat Fat

According to British newspaper, News of the World, Isaac Cohen (sometimes real boyfriend, sometimes ex-boyfriend) has said that Britney would spend hours worrying that she was "too fat." Isaac would tell her that she was beautiful, but Britney would still worry. I wonder if Isaac said that when Britney was smoking butts on a yacht or getting out of her car with her "lady business" in full view? So, let me get this right...not only does Britney party for hours without seeing her kids, but now she spends hours worrying about her weight. Yeah, I have an idea, pick up your kids every now and then and you'll burn some calories. Give it a whirl and see what happens.

Isaac continued on by saying, "As far as I was concerned she was gorgeous, but she had such low self-esteem she sometimes wouldn't listen. She would say, 'Am I fat? Am I fat?' then spend hours dancing around the house trying to burn off calories...Other times she got so low she didn't care what she looked like."

Now, I actually totally believe that. The proof is in the pictures.

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