Thursday, February 22, 2007

Britney Uses Umbrella as Weapon

Uh-oh, things are starting to get a bit serious in the Britney Spears Saga of 2007. We may have joked about her wig/disguise and rehab behavior, but when KFed asked, last night, for an emergency hearing with the judge to talk about his child custody dispute with Britney things got a bit more serious. According to X17 Online, Britney and her assistant went to KFed's house late last night without her wig or sunglasses and buzzed his intercom (which doesn't actually mean anything sexual), but he wouldn't answer. Britney then went around the block a few times, buzzed it again, but still he wouldn't answer. Britney became so angry that she took an umbrella and began hitting the cars of the paparazzi and yelling at them. While I'm not sure exactly what she was yelling, I'm sure there were a few "y'alls" thrown in there for good measure.

I say 'good for her' in using the umbrella as a weapon. I mean, no one has been able to successfully pull that off since "The Penguin" did it in various Batman episodes. Nice work on bringing Batman back. Seriously, she looks completely insane. She is like a caricature of herself right now.

I'm sure this won't be the last we hear of Britney today. My money is on her losing custody of her kids either today or tomorrow. I think it's sad, actually. However, the thought of her swinging an umbrella at a car takes the sadness away for me.

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Lori said...

Holy crappola, batman! Someone needs some retail therapy or something.