Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Can Fergie Spell "White Trash?"

Fergie was showing off her "dice nails" after she performed at the Justin Timberlake concert and she even almost accidentally showed a little glimpse of her "Fergie." Can she spell "white trash?" I only ask because she seems to spell out everything in all of her songs. She spells "fergilicious" and then in her other song she spells "glamorous." Yeah, we get it. You can spell. Do you think we can't? I mean, I can't, but most people can. Do you think we're dumb? Perhaps she is trying to compensate for losing at her 5th grade "spelling bee?" I hope her next song spells out white-trash. Here's to wishing.


Anonymous said...

What is Fergie Wearing????

Find out for your self!!!!

Check out the styles in her latest music video
“Glamorous” Featuring Ludacris

Feb. 20th

Sam said...

that video [Glamorous] here with the lyrics