Monday, February 19, 2007

Even As a Cartoon, Britney is a Bad Mother

Mix up two of my favorite things, (1) Britney Spears "bad mother jokes" and (2) The Family Guy, and you really get a recipe for success in my eyes. Last nights new episode of The Family Guy tackled the "Britney Spears may not be a great mother" concept. Brilliant! Even "cartoon Britney Spears" is a bad mother. It was good to see her with one of her children, though, even if it was via animation only.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Next to The Soup, The Family Guy is the funniest show on television and has been the funniest show on television since it's debut in 1999. Genius.

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Anonymous said...

Hard to believe this is the same Britney Spears that was everywhere a few years ago. Well she's still everywhere, but now its for acting wacko. She appears to be coming apart at the seams right in front of our eyes.

A few years ago she marries a childhood friend, and that lasts about one day.

She then marries some golddigger (Federline) who takes complete advantage of her. He even goes as far as uploading a private sex tape that he and Britney made. It becomes known as the Britney Spears sex tape and ends up on some of those video dump sites like liveleek and dailymotion. Even now it can still be found on sites like (NSFW). How does she live that down?

She never should have started hanging around with Paris Hilton and company either. They're toxic

Now she cuts off her hair because she's mad at her mom?