Wednesday, February 07, 2007

...In Other News...

In case you didn't read my Harriet Carter post (then you should be ashamed) I will be traveling for mean I will be sponsoring Britney Spears in the "Great Smoke Out" and won't be back until Monday. I know, I know. You won't be able to read new award winning blog material from me until next week. So, in the meantime check out these sites. Oh, and I won't have access to email, but will respond to you when I get back. So, as a wise Martha Stewart once said, "I'll be back, I will be back."

~ Someone New Hates Tyra ~ CelebritySmack
~ Which Celebrity Loves Naked Sunday's? ~ DListed
~ Is Angelina a Mourning Anorexic? I Figured an Evening Anorexic ~ PopBytes
~ Bud Bundy Calls His Marriage Quits ~ HollyScoop
~ Some Idol Hopefuls Ain't None Never Isn't Smart, No? ~ EvilBeet
~ Charlize Getting Sued Over Time? ~ MollyGood
~ Tori Wears Pregnancy Like a Glove, a Tight Glove ~ Yeeeah!
~ Anne Hathaway Pulls a Mandy Moore ~ PoponthePop
~ Peyton Manning One and Done? ~ ThatGuy
~ Nelly Furtado is a Thief! ~ JustJared
~ Anna Nicole Thinks Someone Else is Scary ~ GabSmash

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