Friday, February 23, 2007

It's Business Casual Day for Halle Berry

I'm still fighting hard to not write about anything Britney, Anna, Paris, Nicole, or Poshtoria today. It's tough. I won't lie. There is so much train-wreck out there, but I need one day off from them. I made myself a deal that I would only break my promise if any of them got arrested today and that includes Anna.

Luckily Halle Berry was out and about at the opening of Wicked and even though she is dressed business-casual she looks hot. Now you know me, I never have a ton of nice things to say, but I always have kind words for Halle. She's insanely hot. I barely even care that she was involved in that hit and run a few years back. I'm sure that persons bones are all better by now.

It's funny because there never really seems to be any news about Halle. She is train-wreck free, yet I still choose to write about her. Wait, is this what it's like to have a heart? Ouch. Love hurts. Anyway, there are rumors flying that Halle really wants to star in the next James Bond film. She is so obsessed with this that she has, allegedly, said that she would do it for free.

Who Said That!?!

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