Friday, February 02, 2007

Jennifer Hudson Already Jumped the Shark

It's good to see that Jennifer Hudson hasn't forgotten where she came from. Right now, somewhere, Jennifer is saying, "What do you mean where I came from? I started at Dream Girls." All of a sudden Jennifer wins the Golden Globe, wins the SAG award, and is up for an Oscar and she is verbally "doing her business" all over American Idol. Jennifer has said that she was abused on Idol and was misled and brainwashed. Seriously? I've gone through abuse and brainwashing just to get decent Red Sox tickets, and I'd do it all again. Yup, she totally jumped the shark. Well, not only did she jump it, but she kicked it in the nose while she was jumping it. I say take back her Golden Globe. Let her keep her SAG award, but only because the word "SAG" makes me laugh like a 11-year old school girl.

Jennifer continued to say that there is no tension between her and Beyonce and that they "clicked from day one." Sure. Good luck with that Oscar because if and when you win it, Tina Knowles is going to mug you in the parking lot. What? I'm just giving you a heads up.

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