Monday, February 05, 2007

Jennifer Lopez is Dead to Mariah Carey?

I've said it before and I'll say it again, God bless YouTube. In an interview with Mariah Carey in some other country (I'm shooting for either France or Germany? I get easily confused when I don't hear a Boston accent) Mariah was asked what she thought about Beyonce and Mariah, surprisingly, said how much she loved her, etc. And then...da-da-duuuuuuuun, when asked what she thought about Jennifer Lopez, Mariah said, "I don't know her!" Awesome! I love me some crazy and that amount of crazy just hit tilt. So, this got me thinking about something very important in life. I'm calling this, "Who Would Win?" So, "Who Would Win" in a chicken-fight, Mariah or Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx? My money would have to be on Saint Jennifer as being from the Bronx must have taught her how to throw a punch or two and take a punch or two.

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Anonymous said...

doubt it. I know plenty of people from the Bronx. Trust me when I say that birthplace does not determine how tough you are. Mariah Carey, would win, hands down, just by sitting on Jennifer's chest.